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Witcher 3 stuttering

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witcher 3 stuttering

Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I thought this was patched out ages ago? Reinstalled the game after a long break for a second playthrough and i have the rotating camera stutter again?

Tried some of the known fixes like turning on hardware cursor and max prerendered frames to 1 but it keeps on going.

No fps drops at al, max setting 4K 80fps. Only when i turn the camera slowly when looking for stuff. Showing 1 - 15 of 38 comments. No one? I cant play the game like this, its driving me crazy. I'm on the latest nvidia drivers and tried every fix i could find?

Happends to me too. Originally posted by moshi :. I have this problem too. Hardware cursor on or off doesn't seem to make a difference in game. It's like the camera is incapable of moving just a tiny, tiny bit; like it jumps from one small spot to the next with no subtlety. Last edited by BassFace ; 11 Sep, pm. V View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by CarelessWhisper :. Set it to Last edited by V ; 10 Sep, pm. Originally posted by U vderomanag :.

Made it way smoother! That didn't change anything for me unfortunately. Maybe this isn't the same problem. It's like my mouse cannot move diagonally across the screen. In order to reach where I'm going diagonally it, for instance, goes left then up then left then up then left then up then left then up then left. Cursor acts normal in the menus and everything but in game it's awful.Forums New posts Search forums.

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witcher 3 stuttering

Search forums. Log in. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Witcher 3 Stutter RTX Thread starter rafagamaxima Start date Sep 1, Joined Aug 14, Messages 40 0.

I have been struggling with the idea of stutter and what would be considered normal or software related, and what could be actually a faulty GPU. I RMA it once, but no problem was found. But first I will explain some things. Both cards show stutter in the Witcher 3 but with some variation. So in general, the stutter is that shown in the video, but this stutter happens mainly after installing a new driver, or restarting my computer.

If I play for a little while in that zone of the game, and just reload the saved game, the stutter is reduced substantially, this also applies if I close the game and open it but without restarting the computer. Now, both the RTX and the GTX have this kind of behaviour, but the stutter is slightly worse in the RTXand also, after playing in the zone and reloading the save game, the reduction of stutter is higher in the than the Joined Sep 17, Messages 11, 5.

Build The fact you also had it with the I recall another user here having a similar issue, saying the same thing wrt it being worse on the These things are VERY hard to get a handle on. You might want to just start gaming and try to unnotice it. If the Windows install is fresh-ish, give it some time too.

Some stuttering can be game related.

Witcher 3 stuttering

Another one that's popped up here and there also on this forum and I just tried it, looks positive is disabling CFG: hit start, type Exploit, click Exploit Protection and disable the top option:. Last edited: Sep 1, Joined Nov 13, Messages 7, 1.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is one of the best games of this generation. Here I have compiled a list of The Witcher 3 errors and issues along with their fixes and workarounds. The game is one of the best looking games of this generation and is pretty well-optimized.

The following are the errors and issues that players are experiencing along with their fixes and workarounds. Crash at launch is a common error issue with PC games and The Witcher 3 is no exception.

Players are reporting that the game just crashes at startup without any error. Here are a few fixes and workarounds that will help you with The Witcher 3 crash at launch or not starting. Revert the CPU back to its stock clocks and the issue will be resolved.

Another reason for the game to crash at startup is the lack of administrative rights. Apply the change and the game should be working fine. Disable them and the issue should be resolved. Performance is often an issue with PC games and The Witcher 3 is no exception despite being incredibly well-optimized.

Players are reporting random FPS drops and stuttering while playing the Witcher 3 even on high-end systems. First of all, check if the Hairworks are on and if they are then I suggest you turn them off. Select the game from the drop-down list and make the following changes. Fast sync kind of simulates freesync or G. If you are still facing performance issues then also see our Optimization Guide for smooth 60 FPS experience.

Players have reported that the game crashes randomly after mins of playtime. If your GPU is overclocked or factory overclocked then revert the GPU back to its default clock speeds and the issue will be resolved. Black screen if often the issue with PC games. Players are reporting black screen with audio playing in the background while playing The Witcher 3. Players are reporting that when they try to play the game they get an error telling them they are missing MSVCR An avid gamer and PC hardware enthusiast.

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Stuttering Mattko

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Wu View Profile View Posts. My rig: GTX i7 k 4. Has there been a fix for this? Showing 1 - 15 of 69 comments. Its the in game frame limiter causing the microstutter. Two things will fix it. Look for a line called "limitfps". Now set it to anything that is above 30 but below 60 for some reason 30 and 60 locks cause stutter, at least for me eg Whichever you prefer really. Last edited by SenMithrarin85 ; 24 Jun, pm.

Originally posted by SenMithrarin85 :. Skooch View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by the spook :. Zaphod View Profile View Posts. I turned max pre-render frams to 1 in nvidia control panel. Changed frame limiter from unlimited to sixty and stutter is gone. Last edited by Zaphod ; 24 Jun, pm. Originally posted by Zaphod :. Toms View Profile View Posts.

Hash View Profile View Posts. Strandly View Profile View Posts. Stutters, fps drops from 65 to 40, lags makes game unplayable for me.

Originally posted by Strandly :. Athanasius View Profile View Posts. Go into nvidia controll panel, Manage 3D settings, program settings, find witcher 3 exe, and change "Maxumum pre-rendered frames" to 1. That fixes most types of micro stutter. Headinjury View Profile View Posts. Uh how do i find user setting ini on which file? Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 24 Jun, pm.

Posts: Home Games News Cosplay. Combat Guide Some Useful Tips. Gwent Card Collector Guide. Death March Walkthrough. Useful Tips and Tricks. This guide is to help people get a stutter free and smooth gameplay experience. I have spent many ours trying out different in game and external settings to find out what works and what doesn't. These settings are tried and tested and not just written up off a whim. What is better? Most will say 60fps and yes in an ideal world this would be true unfortunately we don't live in an ideal wold and many factors will affect this decision.

I will just come right out and say it that for Witcher 3 to run without any microsttuer, weird animations or hicups the game sould be run at 30fps. Please bare in mind that the card I have is more than capable of running the game at 60fps and I have ran the game at this in the past but it's just never perfect.

What I have found through experience is that whatever the game was designed to run at on console then this tends to give you the smoothest experience. Batman Arkham Knight is a prime example of this. Sure it runs at 60fps but it is plauged by sttuers and hicups allover the place, but if you lock it at 30fps it is butter smooth. It is very sad that consoles dictate a lot to do with games but unfortunately this is something us PC gamers must live with until the mindset changes.

Key Settings I won't go over most of the graphical settings as these are all dependant on what card you have. What I will go over are the key settings to run the game stutter free.

Vsync - This one is key. You MUST use the in game vsync. If you don't it affects the fps of the cutscenes and it will drop to 28fps which gives so many people cutscene stutter.

You need to download Nvdia Inspector and set the frame limit for 30fps in "The Witcher 3" profile. Pre rendered frames - Not so key but helps smooth the game out. You do not need to use "Max Performance", "Adaptive" work perfectly well. These next ones are also a big debate but IMOH they are necessary while running a game at 30fps and it's what consoles use to make games playable at 30fps.

Add Aome Polish These are only suggestions and won't affect the smoothness of gameplay but will make the game look better if you have available performance.

witcher 3 stuttering

First off I use many defferent mods for this game and it runs butter smooth with all of them enabled. It is mainly caused by using negative mipmap bias. If you go in to user. This is a massive help but there is still some shimmering left.

HD Reworked does this automatically 2. FXAA - Yes you read correctly. This ties in with the above tweak. Withcher 3 has very poor antialiaising which also contributes to shimmer and jaggies.

If you enable FXAA and do the above then all shimmering and jaggies will disapear.Hot Topics. JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Witcher 3 stuttering Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Moroght Rookie 1 Aug 29, Game runs good on max details on p but game is stuttering It happend when I ride on the horse and I have solid 60fps but sometimes when I ride through valley and especialy villages I have quick drop on 55fps or 59 but fps is quickly back on 60 and everything is fine but is really frustrating.

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - Best Graphical Settings (Fixes Stuttering, Unstable Fps, Crashes...)

I really don't know what shall i do. Thx for help pc specs Ik 4. Have the same problem here. It could also be a driver issue since i didn't change anything in my setup last time i played the game December Moroght Rookie 3 Aug 30, I don't think that reinstal will help, I reinstall it for 2 times but nothing changes.

If i lock the framerate to 30, i get no more stutters However that's not really an acceptable solution, since my eyes are getting tired from 30fps i would say its even worse than stuttering I still get stuttering no matter what settings i have, only framelock to 30 will fix it Please can anybody help?

Also suffering from stuttering. Moroght Rookie 6 Sep 2, Maybe it's a problem of new gtx 10XX cards i really don't know. SigilFey Moderator 7 Sep 5, It's likely a frame-timing issue with your card. Typical of new hardware! Keep up with driver updates until the situation is resolved. The settings you want to fiddle with are: 1. Just be sure it's only set to ON in one setting. Setting it to Auto or OFF in multiple settings is fine.

witcher 3 stuttering

In general, the game needs to be running at 60 FPS or less to ensure everything is synced up.

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